Efesto aluminium grandstand with BETA modular platform stage

EFESTO with SpeedyBETA modular platform stages, is  been used  for the Christmas concert  of San Francesco's basilica in Assisi (Italy). 

EFESTO grandstand has been mounted using the modular stages SpeedyBETAaround central altar of the beautiful basilica: this church  is  rich of pictures and history.

EFESTO ‘s stage is without play!
Efesto's stages are without play because they have aluminium frame welded

The assembly is quick and easy thanks to the built-in FastLock BETAsystem. FastLock BETA allow a  quick and safe connection between the decks.

BETA stages are a modular platforms with fix or telescopic legs. They are ideal solution for applications as podiums, stages, grandstands, towers director, catwalks, outdoor or indoors events. 

The EFESTO products are designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy. TheEfesto creations and solutions  made of quality and reliability, durability and safety  stand out  Italian style.

For more info on SpeedyBETA stage: freccetta arancioneClick here

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